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I wanted to give the author of this zine the benefit of the doubt after I read her introduction, in which she assures the readers that she would not be making this zine a “mama-zine.” Boy, was she lying. I found this zine immensely boring. I only found myself reading the section about her partner’s brush with cancer, which was something I could understand and sympathize with. The rest of the zine was endless prattle about the whats and whatnots of her toddler.

Perhaps if I wasn’t childfree I would be able to appreciate the content of this zine. I found the lack of consideration for the common reader an immediate turnoff. When writing a zine that corresponds with your life, it should have content that can be enjoyed by everyone, if everyone is your aimed audience. I didn’t get that while reading this zine.

With the exception of the brush with cancer, I found that I just did not care at all about what the author had to say or how she said it. At times, I even found the aforementioned to be boring and self-centred. The problem isn’t in her writing style; her style is actually very fluid and imaginative. It’s the content that holds the problems, and I just couldn’t get past that.

Perhaps if I were a different person under different circumstances, I would have enjoyed this zine. As I am now, I did not. I also have a hard time imagining anyone besides the author’s family and friends who would. (Tara Blackmore)

Zine, #31, Davida Gypsy Breier, PO Box 11064, Baltimore, MD, 21212, USA,,, $2

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