This is the poignant story of high schooler Jimmy, who finds himself a celebrity in his small town when a silly video of him dancing in his living room goes viral.

Quebec City artist Pascal Girard is a good storyteller. His pacing is great and his spot-on dialogue goes a long way toward making this potentially clichéd tale feel real. His simple drawing style also helps things along: the round, dumbed-down faces of his characters make them more likeable than pathetic, a feeling enhanced by the vibrant pastel colours Girard employs throughout. By the end, you’re rooting for Jimmy to get the girl, to find out the truth about the Bigfoot his deadbeat uncle claims to have sighted in the woods, to recover his self-respect and get the hell out of town. (Hal Niedzviecki)

Pascal Girard, 48 pgs, Drawn & Quarterly,, $20.95