Pigeon Blog

The modifier “blog” will hunt tirelessly until it has attached itself to anything and anyone-now it’s attached itself to pigeons. Pigeonblog is a London-(England)-based blog featuring photos, stories, dramas and the lives and times of various pigeons in their daily course to find new sources of spent bread. Our main blogger is named Brian. Brian makes regular trips to different boroughs of London via the tube. He frequently visits various web-cafés around the city and generally just hangs with his friends.

Like finding figures in clouds, the site is littered with pics of stunned pigeons with the captions of some dramatic plots involving Brian and his friends. Like any healthy blog, the site is saturated with every angle you could possibly fathom for pigeons and pigeon enthusiasts. June’s entry provides the first pigeon produced film-a five minute short of low-angled shots of the London subway system. There’s even a pigeon poem in February’s log. As if staring at pigeons doesn’t strain its appeal after thirty seconds, try unravelling the complexity of these creatures with the lines “Strutting like fat gentlemen … their heads like tiny hammers / tap at imaginary nails.” (James King)