Trike – The New Album

Some might say what’s his name from the Magnetic Fields is to blame but I think it has more to do with “urban” radio insinuating itself into suburban basements throughout North America. How else can you explain the mad beat science of the Russian Futurists, Girls Are Short and Trike? The only reason anyone mentions Mr Basso Profundo, Ukulele Swinger, Cole Porter-wannabe Stephen Merritt is because the rhymes over top are soft instead of hard and maybe… dare I say it? A little gay. And so what? I’ve got lots more in common with lonely, sensitive, mooning white boys than anyone on BET. And with this kind of music, you get the best of both worlds. You get the glitchy, synthesized drum machinery and body popping bass beats (plus some harpsichord and cheeseball early Blancmange Korg settings) along with the sad guy’s mordant-yet clever!-lyrics. Clever as anything crypto-gay guy Mark Eitzel ever sang. And he’s the kingpin of that sort of wordplay. Thumbs up to Vancouver’s Stephen Taylor for keeping us dancing in the dumps. (Terence Dick)