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Mary Green

Zine Review: Pancakes!

Pancakes – An Illustrated RecipeZine, Brianne Tweddle, fragilecastle.blogspot.comTucked inside a trading card sized Mylar pouch, this tiny zine has ...

Zine Review: Sub

Sub Comic, Daryl Seitchik, darylseitchik.tumblr.comIn this half-size comic, Daryl Seitchik uses simple line drawings and watercolours to create a careful t...

Twenty Somethings

I haaated this zine when I first read through it, precious as it is. But this is likely because I may have had several more years than the members of the Lazine...

Static Zine

This is “the fanzine issue” of Static Zine, which confused me at first because I’m an old person who got interested in independent publishing when all zines wer...
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I Love Cats

Zine, Kristen Cheung,"I Love Cats" is part of an ongoing project to create analog versions of digital culture. This is a really interesting i...

Jelly Cake

The cover of this zine describes itself as “An Animated Series Teleplay.” I’m not sure if this means the author is hoping someone will want to turn his zine int...

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