Announcing the Judges of the BP Zine Awards 2018!

We are excited to announce the judges of the Broken Pencil Zine Awards 2018! We couldn’t ask for a better line up of creators from across the zine making spectrum. As with last year, these creators have experience and insight from DIY and comic zines to political zines, perzines and litzines.

As the zine creations pour in through the mail and our submittable, our judges will be looking through all of the amazing entries and finding ones to reward for going above and beyond in terms of content, construction, and category.

Our first judge is… Cindy Crabb, the creator behind the absolutely legendary feminist perzine Doris, as well as tons of other amazing projects addressing consent, assault, feminism, DIY and community building.

Cindy Crabb is the author of the long-running feminist autobiographical zine Doris, which has been anthologized into two books of short-essays; The Encyclopedia of Doris, and Doris: An Anthology 1991-2001. She is the editor of the book Learning Good Consent: On Healthy Relationship and Survivor Support. Her essays have appeared in The Riot Grrrl Collection; Stay Solid! A Radical Handbook for Youth; Girl Zines: Making Media Doing Feminism; Maximum Rock and Roll; the Utne Reader and Teen Vogue.

Next up, the winner of last year’s Broken Pencil Zine Awards, the one and only Cole Pauls!

Cole Pauls is a Tahltan First Nation comic artist, illustrator and printmaker hailing from Haines Junction, Yukon Territory with a BFA in Illustration from Emily Carr University. Currently located in Vancouver BC, he focuses on his comic series Pizza Punks, a self contained comic strip about punks eating pizza and Dakwäkãda Warriors, a language revival series about two Southern Tutchone earth protectors- Saving the earth from evil pioneers and cyborg sasquatches.

And last but certainly not least, Chicago zinester, organizer and community builder Monica Trinidad.

Monica Trinidad is a queer, Latinx artist and organizer born and raised on the southeast side of Chicago. She is the co-founder of Brown and Proud Press (2012) and For the People Artists Collective (2015). You can see more of Monica’s most recent works at

We are so grateful to these talented artists and forces of zineness for their time and enthusiasm to celebrate zines of all kinds through the Broken Pencil Zine Awards 2018.

If you haven’t entered your zine yet, learn how here!