Call for Submissions: Early Halloween with Parhelion

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Parhelion Literary Magazine

About: Halloween submissions are open with Parhelion Literary Magazine! Their Halloween Issue has become a “thing” and they’re making it a part of their official line up. 

They’re looking for wonderfully creepy, give-me-the-shivers, keep-me-up-at-night stories—bonus if the setting is Halloween/fall. Think James’ The Turn of the Screw or Jackson’s The Lottery. Or, the way ghosts haunt the living in Jesmyn Ward’s Sing Unburied Sing. Send them your best work!

Submissions: Parhelion is only accepting short story and flash submissions for this annual Halloween Issue. No poetry, please. To help make the formatting process easier, please do the following to your word doc submission:

Put your name and email address first at the top of the page, followed by the bio you’d want to publish if your submission is selected, then your story.

    • Single space after periods so that they do not have to go through and delete all the double spaces. Send one submission at a time.
    • Double-space and stick with size 12 font.
    • Length: up to approximately 3,500 words, give or take.
    • Simultaneous submissions are fine, just let them know if they get picked up elsewhere.
    • They do not accept previously published work

There is a $3 submission fee. 

Deadline: Submit HERE by September 9, 2021