Canzine Ottawa Vendor Q&A: Nullpoint

Vendor Q&A: Nullpoint

 Who are you? Why are you coming to Canzine?

My name’s Graham Cooling! I’m an artist from the UK and live in a little place called Lincoln. Honestly, I’m bringing Nullpoint to Canzine as a bit of an adventure for myself to visit and get to experience the Canadian Art scene but also, the key idea behind the zine is to encourage and collaborate with other artists to break the “fear” of creating. What better way to do that than come to Canzine, meet some people and spread that idea like a fungus…or something more appealing.


Have you been before? If so, what’s your fondest Canzine memory?
I’ve never even been to Canada! So it’s all new to me…I hear you have bears. I’ve attended zine fairs around the UK but discovered Broken Pencil and the zine work going on overseas this year and decided, much like an open buffet, that I needed to indulge.


Why do you create?

I create compulsively to the level of it’s like a sickness. I don’t stick to one medium – photography, film, illustration, painting, sculpture – if you can convey meaning through it, I’ve likely tried my hand at it. I create because the most important thing to me in the world is generating discussion and encouraging conversation and catharsis. The best way I know how to do that is through art, so I try to do as much as I can and encourage others to do the same. I don’t think everyone will be the world’s most amazing creator, but I do think we can all benefit from the process.

Catch Null Point at Canzine Ottawa on October 6th!