Canzine 2015 Kids Programming


1-4pm Kid Collective Zine Making!

A drop-in zine-making workshop where kids contribute to a giant zine or make their own mini zines. Ages six and up!

5-7pm Zine Machine for Tweens and Teens!

Led by Broken Pencil’s education coordinator Annie Wong and artist Melissa Luk, Broken Pencil’s Zine Machine comes to Canzine with a glorious heap of magazine scraps, ripped pages from books, National Geographic’s circa 1950’s, scissors and sharpies, beautifully topped off with an industrial long arm stapler as old as your mom.  This mountain of madness is full of perfect material to craft your own zine! Here’s the schedule for the two hours, stay for the full session or drop in for part of it!

5:00- 5:20PM Collaboration: Broken (Pencil) Telephone Drawing game 20mins
5:20 – 6:00PM  

The Labyrinth of folding paper

–          Saddle Stich Zine format (5mins)

–          No staple zine format (5mins)

–          Accordion style format #1 (10mins)

–          Accordion style format #2 (5mins)

–          Book binding (15mins)

(how to choose your format and direct reader experience)


6:00 – 7PM GO CRAZY: Collage and cut out caption (About your day) 60mins