Book Review


Angela Hibbs refers to Anne Sexton stylistically and thematically in some of the poems in Wanton. As in Sexton’s work, […]


The latest in a long line of “How to be a Jerk” books, and this one doesn’t really add anything […]

The Book of Dead Philosophers

The Book of Dead Philosophers is exactly what it says on the label. Structured encyclopedically and chronologically, it is a […]

Sentimental Exorcisms

There’s a small but vocal group of critics who regularly bemoan the abundance of Canadian fiction focusing on the dilemmas […]

Front Porch Mannequins

Rebekkah Adams’ debut novel Front Porch Mannequins centers on the bleak, bruised lives of Nan, Alice and Lily, three women […]

The Taste of Penny

The one thing that can be said about Toronto-based writer Jeff Parker is he doesn’t waste time in plot and […]