Out of Salem

Out of Salem Hal Schrieve, Seven Stories Press/Triangle Square Zombies, witches, goth werewolves and the coming of age of a […]

Aurora Borealice

Aurora Borealice Joan Steacy, Conundrum Press A functional illiterate teaches us the value of education, and the flaws of the […]

Egg Cream

Egg Cream Liz Suburbia, Silver Sprocket/czap books Your local bookseller has already conveniently shelved this book under “DIY outcast community” […]

This Woman’s Work

This Woman’s Work Julie Delporte, Drawn & Quarterly Womanhood is about as easy a concept to pin down as a […]


Collapsible Tim Conley, New Star Books Just in time for April Fool’s Day, Collapsible contains the fable of the Evil Lesbian, a […]

Shut Up You’re Pretty

Shut Up You’re Pretty Téa Mutonji, VS. Books (Arsenal Pulp Press Imprint) We couldn’t wait to get our hot little […]

The Forbidden Purple City

The Forbidden Purple City Philip Huynh, Goose Lane Editions The title story of Vancouver-based lawyer-turned-writer Philip Huynh’s first book was […]

The Western Alienation Merit Badge

The Western Alienation Merit Badge Nancy Jo Cullen, Wolsak & Wynn It’s Calgary in 1982 and the Federal government’s desire […]

In the Dream House: A Memoir

  In the Dream House: A Memoir Carmen Maria Machado, Graywolf Press Whatever the Minneapolis-based Graywolf publishes is worth checking […]

Savage Conversations

Savage Conversations LeAnne Howe, Coffee House Press Opiate-using Mary Todd Lincoln struggles with an apparition of a “Savage Indian” who […]

King of Joy

King of Joy Richard Chiem, Soft Skull Press This is shaping up to be the breakout book for Seattle-based Chiem, […]