The Sound Of Poison

The Sound Of Poison is a classic black and white quarter-page perzine featuring long written entries. Unfortunately, like a lot […]

The Spoke

A project of the Toronto Media Co-op, The Spoke is a newsletter that focuses on political issues on a municipal […]

Only Sometimes

Only Sometimes is a really well done and somewhat mysterious zine. Featuring pictures, and what seem to be quotes from […]

The Motivist

Unfolding the quartered spread of yellowed paper is like unfolding a map, and you will find The Motivist to be […]


The first piece in this issue of Minutiae discusses Aijung Kim’s decision to move across the U.S., from Portland, Oregon […]

Lucida Console’s Dog Days

“I live in the God damn middle of nowhere,” Hamish Adams declares in his personal letter to Broken Pencil that […]

Loving And Losing

In Loving And Losing, illustrator Leslie Gauthier leads us through six years of relationships detailing the rise and fall of […]

Loose Lips Sink Ships

I love it when the author of a perzine doesn’t just write a stream of consciousness diary, but rather uses […]

The East Village Inky

This issue revolves around our hero’s triumph as a summer camp counsellor, getting the kids to take part in a […]