Zine Awards

BP Zine Awards: Best Litzine 2020

Tinderness by Nicole Morning Denver, Colorado Tinderness is a lyrical meditation on the joys and intersections of online dating, sex, romance, […]

BP Zine Awards: Best Perzine

Zero Stars by Jeni Larson Minneapolis, Minnesota “Zero Stars” is zine about my cAnCeR jOuRneY in September 2019-January 2020. Told through […]

BP Zine Awards: Best Fanzine 2020

Is It Just Me Or Are We Nailing This? by Joshua James Amberson, Molly E. Simas, and M.L. Schepps (editors)  Portland, […]

BP Zine Awards: Best Comic Zine 2020

Restless Bones by Shannon Reeves (Gytha Press) Calgary, Alberta A Magical Realist Horror about trauma, recovery, and a mysterious visitor. “She […]

Announcing the BP Zine Awards Winners 2020!

Well people, it’s official — we have our winners. Find out who won the Broken Pencil Zine Awards 2020, celebrating the best in English language zine publishing!

About the Zine Awards

Founded in 2017, Broken Pencil Zine Awards celebrates excellence in independent, underground zine making and micro-printing! Since its inception in […]