Zine Review

Review: All The Fortune Tellers Were Wrong

Samuel W. Grant has made sure that the collection is filled to the brim with Brad Neely-esque, single-page illustrations, each piece funnier than the last.

Review: Zine Obscura #6

The latest zine from Label Obscura covers Quebec’s heavy metal vets, maritime supergroups and glam rock in the great white north.

Review: So Buttons #11

Baylis’ Harvey Pekar-esque writing shines throughout So Buttons. His personable and welcoming tone showing that each piece, despite the varying art styles, is thoroughly ‘his.’

Review: Celluloid Lunch #6

Thick as a car manual, band interviews, record reviews, shorter prose and poetry make up the bulk of this Montreal fanzine.

Review: Borderline

The whimsical storytelling of Casey Harrison’s Borderline transports the reader into a world of pure fantasy that is matched by its gorgeous, ethereal illustrations.

Review: Sessile

“Sessility” describes a lack of mobility in organisms. The inability to move under their own metabolic processes. In Sessile, our narrator finds themselves unable to move on.

Review: Wasp Video Xpress #1

Carlos Gonzalez’ sense of humour is consumed by a world of rot and body horror; puerile, but also quite unique.