“The Age of Hyper-Reality” is a text is dated from the ‘80s with the aesthetics to match

Fiction: Small Miracles

“K!MMORTAL” is a combination of pop, R&B, and rapid-fire, spoken word rants

Ian Daniel Kehoe’s “Secret Republic” is intimate, confessional, and lyrically dense

“Vinegar” is an intimate affair fixating on absence and loneliness

“Ich Will Nix Alter Werten” is a riveting story and an ingenious reworking of a small and tragic historical episode

“Diana’s Song” is an ever-familiar suburban tragedy — sentimental, melancholy, a first love after which she will forever pine

This poetry book is all about “denpa”: a Japanese term for people who are disconnected from those around them

Walsh isn’t afraid to get down in the dirt in “These are not the potatoes of my youth”

“On the Count of None” blurs the lines between message and tone

“It Begins with the Body” invites you to laugh, get angry, feel empowered, and manage everyday difficulties with blunt irony

“Yellow Yellow” is a storybook for curious kids, and a picture book for comic-fanatical adults

“Vibrant Mood Swings” is an eccentric take on the inner workings of the author’s own mind

“Leaving Richard’s Valley” offers models of friendship, collective action, and meaning making

“I Threw a Brick Through a Window” is a book of literal magic

Welcome to the world of Nick Maandag in “The Follies of Richard Wadsworth”

“Awesome Possum Vol. 4” provides an educational experience about these adorably scary marsupials

“A Grander Vision, My Life in the Labour Movement” promotes the need for meaningful change through social movement

Say goodbye to West End Toronto’s distinct green and brown themed mall in this documemoir

Cynthia Cruz’s writing echoes that of mad studies scholars in her critique of fixed narratives in “Disquieting”

“This Keeps Happening” will leave you laughing, cringing, and page-turning

This short story collection is a dry-witted, often tender-hearted addition to the coming of age genre

This typical hardboiled detective novel will have you chuckling, scratching your head, and asking for more

“The Laws of the Skies” is a horror novel that represents a loss of innocence and the fear of abandonment

“The High-Rise in Fort Fierce” features quirky characters facing hopeless obstacles against backdrops of poverty and casual violence

“Pastel Houses” appreciates the beauty of residential architecture traditions while remaining mindful of that necessity

“Our Lady” is a view into a new and rewarding relationship, and one that may make you consider some of your own

Despite the wordlessness of “no health” and “Real Screamo”, Kai Lumbang’s artistry still invites you to linger

Everything in “Nerves” is where it should be, with nothing unneeded or unnecessary slowing things down

“localz only #1” manages to find the perfect balance as a collage zine with a great sense of style and placement

This comic zine is a journey about overcoming obstacles in both the physical and mental world

This zine with an awkwardly long title is also an awkwardly long story about struggling with mental health issues

“Tour Book #2” shines with a sardonic observational tone cutting a line through the dull absurdity of a situation

This zine features the missed connections of Craigslist in a fun and creative way

“T&A” opens up an aspect of the trans experience that’s hard to cope with

Podcasting possible worlds

“Syndicate Product 24” provides a middling reading experience

“Sometimes Human Issue #2” is a simple reminder that your feelings are valid regardless of what others say

“Secret Shame” is a refreshing read about common facets of everyday life

“Paramnesia” is the perfect zine for aspiring analysts and fellow dreamers

Saying goodbye can feel good in this zine that focuses on the feeling of nostalgia

“No Quarter #9” is perfect for anarchist history buffs and those alike

You don’t need to be personally invested in nursing or healthcare to connect with this zine

“Flotation Device 15” is personable, multi-faceted, and bold

I don’t really know what this zine is about, and I kind of like that

“Ecocidal Capitalism” may cause anxiety about the future and what is to come

Learn how to create your own collages with the help of “Collagio #3”

“All in Your Head” addresses the lived experiences of chronic pain and a world of barriers

Hindsight proves powerful in “The Landscape We Left on Each Other” chapbook

4 Questions with The Atomic Elbow

Latest issue of “I’m Looking for the Magic” fanzine mixes personal history with cultural texts and moments

“Nothing To Write Home About” photo zine celebrates the chaos of being alive

Folio: Blood Relatives by Darien Taylor

3 Questions with Don’t Hate My Heels

“your third emoji is your reaction” chapbook recounts an entire upbringing to the beat of global events

“everyday mythologies” chapbook packs an emotional punch

“The Awkwardly Long Book of Autobio Comics About Being an Anxiety Ridden and Depressed Person” is cheeky and honest

Fiction: The History of “BOOBZ”

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