‘Tommelise’ discusses what its like to feel small in a big, scary world

‘Sleepwalking’ captures honest small town struggles

Fiction: A Flight of Planetary Fancy

You’ll find nothing but friendly invitations in ‘The Truth About Facts’

‘What About Tomorrow?’ is an engaging account of Russian punks through the ages

Deadbeat Beat’s ‘How Far’ is musically varied and lyrically congruous

Sylvia Wrath delivers customary pop introspection in ‘really big picture’

Zine Philosophy: Zines Across Prison Walls

‘ISITSIIPOTAAKO’ is ethereal, sinister, and one of a kind

Exposure Unit: What makes a zine a zine?

‘Plummet’ explores how to survive if the world was literally turned upside down

‘Frame of Mind’ provides a female-centric perspective on underground rock music

Putting Print Back on the Subway Map

Mercedes Killeen wants to lie with her thoughts naked in ‘tulips’

Sexual symbolism and subliminal messages in ‘Ripe’

Art Holes: Sybil Lamb

Zinester’s Toolkit: Shrinky Dinkin all day with Eileen Chavez

Folio: Destroy the Myth by Demian DinéYazhi’ & RISE

‘Chronicles [Letter Number Two of Six]’ leaves the reader with letters addressed to an unnamed “you”

‘Bad Blood’ is a chapbook for the thoughtful punk

‘View Master’ is packed with bright illustrations and eccentric stories

7th cousins roadtrip through self-discovery and problematic history

Jewish cynicism, Old Winnipeg and curling take the rink in ‘Shot Rock’

Christopher Green’s ’The Turtle Library Comics Magazine’ is a truly multifaceted reading experience

Charlotte Wu brings us back to a mind frame of curiosity in ’Snack Witchcraft’

Instead of another celebrity chef cookbook, try ‘Reciwee’

Jon Vaughn coaxes a playful narrative in ‘Sand Masque’

‘The Other Kind of Nerd #3’ touches on living with uncertainty

The personal becomes the political in ‘Life After Sex Work’

How we use zines to support queers in prison — and how you can, too

‘My Time in the Mosh Pit’ complements zinester’s punk PhD

Trust in zines: Racial violence, relationships, and repair

Issue #87

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