‘Some Dads’ successfully captures the hard edge and experimental nature of the 90s.

Norma MacDonald is in search of freedom in ‘Old Future’

‘The Red River Ramblers’ captures the rhythmic spirit of the First Nations peoples

Elliott Colla’s ‘We Are All Things’ provides plenty of food for thought

‘Tomorrow, adagio’ calls into question the purpose of translation

‘this is not a poem/ this is an apology’ is an emotional and lonesome apology for misunderstanding

‘The Sad Mechanic Exercise’ expresses a troublesome relationship with time, memory, and mortality

Explore the wilds of romance with ‘Pulp Kings #3’

Yeon-Sik Hong details their exhausting but ultimately worthwhile struggles in ‘Umma’s Table’

Rob McLennan captures the value of location in ‘Poems for Lunch Poems at SFU’

‘Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet #40’ contains occasional outbursts of hope and joy

‘Year of the Rabbit’ captures the enduring humanity and resilience of Khim’s family

‘Here on Huron’ is like a damaged VHS turned into letters and punctuation

Hawad searches for immaterial truth in ‘Furigraphic Horizons’

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‘Death Is A White Balloon’ creates a space for monstrous vitality

‘Blind Poems’ might be a stepping stone for you to get out and take a break

‘The Adventures of the Frozen Embryos’ illustrates what it’s like to be a frozen embryo seeking to inherit a soul

‘Spare Parts Issue 0’ gives various comics a place to live and be counted in the world

Keenan Poloncsak ’s road trip moves slowly and bilingually in ‘Road Trip: Côte Nord et L’Île D’Anticosti’

‘Roadside’ captures the natural authenticity in changing relationships

‘The Lizard Aspect’ fosters a sense of urgency and flow, even in simple things

Admire the expressive and bold faces in ‘Don’t Fret: Chapter 11’

‘Ident’ inspires a slice of a story that struggles with how we see other people

Zine Philosophy: On media/making myself


Cat City

Folio: Caress Still by Kasia Sosnowski

Fiction: FLASHES

Jonas Cannon takes us on the process of discovering where they fit in this world

Edge Desert

Above Water



Art Holes: Homebound Edition

‘Save the Phenomena’ explores the entangled nature of climate change and democracy

Follow along Lily Chen’s travel adventures as she deals with generational and cultural gaps

Digital goes analog with the Electric Zine Maker

Dive into the goofy celebration of the whims and worries of Tioga County in ‘#Realtioga’

Zinester’s Toolkit: Meet THE LECTRO-STIK, an old friend to zinesters and collagers

‘Soft Online’ is a confessional, evasive self-portrait in symbols`

‘Proof I Exist #30’ is an emotional word splatter of a ride

Melania Trump’s inner thoughts are “interpreted” in a phrasebook zine

Exposure Unit: Art when time stops

‘Depression Cards: A Game for Life’ helps expand your mental health toolbox

Juvenile delinquents, motorcycle gangs, and blaxploitation in ‘The Cool World #2’

Small Presses Push Forth in Uncertain Times

Small Press Virus Check-in #4: Conundrum Press

‘Celluloid Lunch #3’ offers nothing but tasty nuggets with surprising nutritional value

Small Press Virus Check-in #3: Now or Never Publishing

‘Caboose #12: Jury Duty’ tells the gripping story of being selected for jury duty

Cheer up for a moment with Liz Mason’s ‘Awesome Things #3’ Zine

A chaotic asymmetrical Black Lives Matter zine collage showing scenes of urban struggle and rebirth, with references to police brutality against Black people and other histories of state violence. By Jonathan Valelly.

Zinesters, we are the radical press: a call to action

Issue #88

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