Reflect on ghostly encounters with ‘Recovering Spirits: An Anthology of True Ghost Stories’

‘Tubes: A Hospital Diary’ is like waking in the middle of the night on the edge of a drugged dream

Get lectured by a vegan dog in ‘The Dog Who Ate the Vegetable Garden and Helped Save the Planet’

‘Always Brave, Sometimes Kind’ is an ode to community that is warm, gritty and utterly complicated

See photography through a dance of memory-laden vignettes in ‘Your Eye: On Photography’

What free speech does or doesn’t mean in ‘PC Warrior Presents: Death of Free Speech’

Meet Mr. Fuzzypants in ‘Squishy Freak Frolic Monster Society Newsletter #1-3’

Super-Yum-O is a true hidden gem

‘The Comics of Alison Bechdel: From the Outside’ deep dives into the work of comics’ most iconic lesbian creator

Humour and humanity bleeds through every page in ‘Ralph Steadman: A Life in Ink’

‘A Diary in the Age of Water: A Novel’ is a book of genuine power

‘The Dripping Boat’ resembles a Saturday morning cartoon with an older audience in mind

‘Walking on the Beaches of Temporal Candy’ is like pure Pop Rocks candy

‘The Lightning of Possible Storms’ blends humour and horror

‘The Lily Pad and the Spider’ swirls around a fear of death and the desire to die

‘Woven’ is a warm cup of familiar

‘Small, Broke, and Kind of Dirty’ is good companion for a young adult going out into the world

Vagina Witchcraft will leave a ringing in your ears

Taylor Knox’s lyrics are flush with lovers and late-night introspection

Apology, worry, and indecision abound in Oatmeal Queen’s music

‘Some People’s Children’ tackles the drive for a sense of belonging

The Prophecy by Claire Legendre

‘Ripples’ explores cyclical mechanisms of human emotion

‘The League of Super Feminists’ is a perfect read for those awkward preteen days

‘Minor Life Crisis’ follows a feathered friend

Explore the chaos of a classic cut-and-paste zine in ‘The In-Appropriated Press #16’

How can a game change the world? with ‘Gameplay in Society: How to Use Game Structures to Your Advantage’

In ‘Dada 9’ nothing is linear and all is jarring

CBM Journal #3 is one hundred percent heartfelt and ridiculous

Cut Out: Colonization Catcher

Cell Division

Zinester’s Toolkit: Tape Binding

Reminisce on the barfy, boozy, bar-centric olden days with ‘Burf Quimby’s Pub Quiz #7’

‘Chicago Gets 4 Stars’ takes an offbeat look at the City of Big Shoulders

Redistribution is an everyday practice


Editor’s Pick: Du Bois’ early infographics

Cat City

‘Barren at Last #3: Crippled and Dry’ tackles hysto-caused symptoms and chronic pain

Solidarity and Interdisciplinarity

Queercore qollected


Exposure Unit: The Next Chapter

Three new worker-led media groups emerge

Issue #90

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