Deathmatch 2014 Quarterfinals Round 5

Deathmatch Moderator

Emily Kendy: Emily spent the better part of 2013 recovering from wounds received during her Deathmatch battle round. Forced to flee underground she found herself deep inside a hopeless pit, where fellow prisoners eventually helped in her recovery. She persevered through a brutal physio regime to develop an eye-popping strength, and agility, that allowed her to traverse the pit’s sheer walls without a rope, and emerge into the daylight again. This is, she insists to Broken Pencil, her most up-to-date bio.


Step One: Read the stories.
Step Two: Vote for your favourite. Repeatedly. You can vote once every hour.
Step Three: Sound off in the comments.
Step Four: Blog, tweet, tell all your friends – help your favourite author win!
Step Five: Repeat until an Ultimate Winner is declared and all others lie bleeding in the dust.

Previous Results: Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Round 4

Click here for Deathmatch rules and regulations and for links to all the people and presses that have generously donated awesome prizes for our winner and runners-up.