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Calls for Submissions Feat. Prudes and Rejection

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Email your call-out to [email protected] (do not send your submissions here).
Subject line: Call for submissions.

The Zine Who Rejected Me

About: Jury-free zine project dedicated to all the art that didn’t quite make it.
Pay: Digital copy of zine.
Submissions: Do you have a piece that was rejected elsewhere? This zine accepts any form of art, writing, comics, and music. The only requirement is that the piece has previously been rejected from another zine or publication.
Deadline: April 13, 2019


About: Collaborative zine reclaiming the term “prude” as a celebration of our autonomy and boundary-setting, a refusal of sex-necessary feminism, and a liberation in which our “no” is respected.
Submitters: Spinsters, asexuals, frigid partners, relationship anarchists, sex-working rule-makers, and all other folks sidelined from the “sex-positive” movement are particularly encouraged to submit. Whether prudism is related to our sexual orientation, our trauma, our disability, our spirituality, or none of the above, prude identity rejects a one-size-fits-all sexual empowerment.
Submissions: Visual art, photography, stories, comics, found poetry, diary entries, interviews, unsent letters, prayers, text messages, tweets, and all other printable mediums. Particularly interested in work that engages with prudism in its specificities; in its relationship to your experience of white supremacy, vegetable gardening, psychiatry, parkour, cissexism, and making dinner.
Deadline: April 30

Staple Stanley Contest

Prize: One-year membership to the Zine League
Submissions: Download the Staple Stanley foldup toy, print him off and build him! Give him some accessories, maybe a diorama, and then send some photos/videos.
Deadline: April 31

Chapbook Contest

Publisher: Thirty West Publishing House
Fee: $12 USD fee (currently there’s a $6 discount that brings cost down to $6.) 6 entry fee until April 20. After that $12 USD.
Prize: $200 and contract for publication
Deadline: April 20

Bi Woman Quarterly

About: Run by Bi Boston Women, an affirming space for women with bi+ identities (bi, pan, fluid, and other non-binary sexualities).
Submissions: Written submissions on the theme is “Getting Older.”  What are the challenges/opportunities of being an older bi+ person? How has aging transformed you—in mind, body, spirit, or sexuality? How have you stayed the same? What have been the most significant moments or transitions in your life? For younger folks: What have you learned from older bi+ folks? And no matter your age, what do you imagine your future holds.
Deadline: August 1, 2019

Zine Awards

Publication: Broken Pencil Magazine
Fee: BP Members can submit their first zine for $14 and can submit 2nd and 3rd zines for FREE. Non-member prices: first submission fee is $25. (This comes with a one-year subscription to Broken Pencil worth $32.) Second and third submissions cost $10 each. Maximum of three zine submissions per person.
Prize: $200 cash for each category winner. Winner of the Best Overall Zine gets an additional $400. Winners  profiled in the magazine and on, and receive a Zine Awards trophy, which will be presented to them at Canzine Toronto. Both winners and nominees will have their zines sold on the BP store, be included at zine fairs and stores and presented at special displays at libraries.
Entry categories: Political Zine, Perzine, Comic Zine, Art Zine, Compilation Zine, Literary Zine, Micro Literary Journal, and Fanzine. Read more about the categories here.
Submissions: Zines should have been made between April 2018 and July 2019.
Deadline: July 1, 2019

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