By Jonathan Goldstein

“I’ll take one of those,” said Lou to the novelty store owner, pointing to the exploding cigars behind the glass case.

“These are top of the line,” said the proprietor. “These’ll have whatever gaping orifice you insert one into quiver with a humiliation so profound it will elicit a response from the said, ‘Pasty,’ which one could describe as bordering on titillation.”

Later that night:

“Have a cigar,” said Lou to the buxom blond seated on the bar stool beside him.

Even later that night:

Lou giggled devilishly as he shoved the exploding cigar into his rectum. Wiggling his bum on all fours before the wall length mirror, Lou lit the bum stogie in his ass and the regular stogie in his mouth.

“I am the tightwire over the abyss between two faces of the same cigar,” said Lou puffing lightly on the cigar in his mouth as a popping sound left his bum black.

Head on the Table

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