The Music

By Krystyne

The music was loud and draining me out of my balance. The dance ball, with its speckled glass pieces dazzled me in my state of intoxication. As I watched this dance of sparking light on the parquet, his grip on my waist grew stronger. I sat down at a table filled with coloured glasses of liquid delights. He kept bringing me more, and I kept on drinking the little intoxicators…Being intoxicated was a welcome relief from the mundane routine of reality. I was really happy to in a strangers arms because…..She knew he wanted her, even in her state of giggles and slurred speech, she could play the game, the game she played with herself and all the demons that were lodged in her cranium. The little devils were screaming, trying to get her attention, but no, she would not give in to their forbidden requests. She was happy thinking about morbid and cooked thoughts. She loved surrounding herself with candles and imprisoning herself under the heavy covers. It smothered her breath almost to the point of hyperventilation. She now welcomed the blast of anemic shivers that will soon make their way into her slanted reality.

A Splinter In Her Head


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