Getting Started

Welcome to our getting started page. Here, you will find videos and links to sites with great tutorials for zine and bookmaking. If you know of a great video or site that should be on out list, email [email protected]

Zine Making
Rookie: How to Make a Zine – Instructions to make a no staple mini-zine.

Creative Bloq: The Beginner’s Guide to Making Your Own Zine – A step-by-step guide to creating your first zine.

wikiHow: How to make a zine

Zines 101: A Quick Guide to Zines – A PDF guide to zines and making your first zine.

Make: Zine Making for Kids – Creative zine making activities for kids.

Design Instruct: Design a Handmade Art Zine – A guide to designing and printing your own creative art zine.

DIY Books
DIY Bookbinding – A great website with everything you need to know for DIY bookmaking.

How to Make a Simple Hardcover Book

Instructables: How to Bind Your Own Hardback Book – DIY hardcover bookbinding instructions.

wikiHow: How to Bind a Book

Other DIY
wikiHow: How to Make Paper 


WHY DON’T YOU MAKE A ZINE! – A tutorial for making a one page mini-zine by Salford Zine Library

Teach Me How To: Make a Zine – DIY artist Cassidy George gives a step-by-step tutorial on zine making. Video by Galore TV.

How to Saddle Stitch Leather – by Instructables.

How to Make a Book: Saddle Stitch with Thread – by Sea Lemon

How to Bind a Book with Staples – by Almond W

How to Bind a Hardcover Book – by Daniel Ronnevik