Independent Creator’s Marketplace Booking Information

Thank you for your interest in booking an Independent Creator’s Marketplace Ad Spot!

When you are ready to book, please go the Booking ORDER FORM and book your ads! But first, download our Independent Creator’s Marketplace PDF FAQ and give that a read. It should answer most of your questions.

Please note that this is a reduced rate advertising space for small scale independent creators. It is ideal for people promoting zines, artbooks, comics and books that are self-published or from a micro-press. It’s also great for getting the word out about self-released music projects and micro-record labels, websites/blogs, independent craft-makers and small-scale upcoming events.

If you publish more than 4 or 5 books/records a year, or publish/release in quantities of greater than 500, then please see our regular advertising rates.

Indie Creator’s Marketplace General Deadlines for booking:
Winter Issue: Dec 30
Spring Issue: Mar 29
Summer Issue: Jun 30
Fall Issue: September 30

note – if you’re really counting on getting your ad started at a specific time of year, contact us to make sure we have availability well before the deadline!

Payment: Pay with credit card at the time of purchase or chose “bill me later” and we will contact you to confirm your booking and arrange payment via cheque, Paypal or e-transfer.

ARTWORK: You may use the same artwork for the whole year or you can change your artwork each issue provided you meet the deadlines below. We will not be asking you if you wish to swap out your artwork; we will assume you are staying with the artwork for the previous issue unless we hear otherwise. We can design your artwork for you for an additional fee of $45, email us for details on that.

Design Specifications
We require press ready artwork as described below:

FOR PRINT: MARKETPLACE Black and white 2.443 inches wide 2.443 inches high (NO BLEED) provide ads in pdf, tiff, PSD, or JPG formats at 300 DPI

FOR WEB: MARKETPLACE Full colour (not required) 4.17 inches wide 4.17 inches high Only in JPG format, saved for web
note: ad will appear in black and white in the magazine and in full colour on the web and in our digital edition (if provided), so please provide a colour version if possible. email completed ads to [email protected] .

Please include URL you want the ad to link to for our digital editions and the web version of marketplace.

If you still have questions, please get in touch with us at [email protected] or 416 2014 1700.