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National Resonance: How Drone Took Over Canada’s Underground
Waste Case: The Hardboiled Darkness of Andrew F. Sullivan


Zine Review: Secrets: Surviving Jian Ghomeshi
Book Review: Puke Force
Book Review: Hitler
Book Review: this
Book Review: Big Kids
Book Review: Myrmurs: An Exploded Sestina
Book Review: Malignant Metaphor
Book Review: Good Trouble
Chapbook Review: Staying Alive
Chapbook Review: Looking Good and Having a Good Time
Chapbook Review: Larix
Zine Review: The Meeting Place
Zine Review: One Chance
Zine Review: An Angel Dances in the Capuchin Bone Chapel
Zine Review: Xerography Debt Vol. 38
Zine Review: Natural Order
Zine Review: Passionate About Proper Dishwashing Behaviour
Book Review: Extra Illicit Sonnets
Zine Review: Hard Times in the Maritimes
Zine Review: Leaving, Coming Home – A Zine About Traveling
Zine Review: Last Playlist
Zine Review: Flip Your Fingers
Edmonton’s vending machine zine distro roars back to life
Book Review: Infinitum
Zine Review: Cosmic Brews – Coffee, Tea or Me
Book Review: Beverly
Book Review: Resilience and Triumph
Zine Review: Cockroach Zine #11
Zine Review: Cinema Sewer #28
Zine Review: Black Mold
Zine Review: T Scale
Zine Review: EAT #7
Zine Review: Big Diamond
Book Review: Curveball
Zine Review: Art & Wonder Issue 1
Basic Paper Airplane #10
Zine Review: Honeymoon
Zine Review: Simple Steps to a Life Less Shitty
Zine Review: Enigmas
Chapbook Review: yasser arafat is dead
Zine Review: Bore #11
Zine Review: Fully Loaded Trap
Is Wrestling Fixed?
Chapbook Review: The Rose Concordance
Zine Review: Transâ‹…plant Issue 2
Zine Review: You Approach a Dark Manor
Chapbook Review: Twenty-Four Hours Anonymous
Zine Review: Six More Slices of Life Vol. 2
Book Review: Charleswood Road
Zine Review: Dirty Face
Zine Review: Art & Wonder Issue 2
Zine Review: Baba Yaga Burns Paris to the Ground
Zine Review: Grimm Memes
Zine Review: SRVIV #3
Zine Review: Beast and the Flower
Zine Review: Queer Times
Zine Review: When Deadlines Become Zombies #10
Zine Review: Unproductive #1
Zine Review: Drawing Thinking of You Dancing
Zine Review – 2 Astronuts in: Tinderized Meat
Zine Review: Comedians Colouring & Activity Book
Zine Review: Bananas Are Zine


Comics by Gord Hill: Positive and Negative


Zine Philosophy: On Self-Care, Race and Representation in Zinemaking
The Smell of Our Own: Thu Tran

Excerpts From The Independent Press:

Excerpt: An Angel Dances in the Capuchin Bone Chapel


YYZine Distro: Toronto’s Online Zine Fair



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