Folio: Homografía pushes limits of Mexican queer performance art
The New Tattoo Underground
Patrons, Perks, Payout? Patreon for DIY creators


The Unquotable Trump book is unbelievably unforgettable
Getting Out of Hope is a rare gem of a comic that should not be missed
When the Party’s Over brings out the whimsical…and the dark
The five artists in Wavering Line #3 comic are wholly unique
(Tr)eat Yo Self will discover a clever comic that reflects the current state of our neoliberal gig economy
Trade Comics makes light of a woman’s experiences in male-run society
Total Trash #9 comic is anything but its namesake, and is a complete hoot
Total Blast #6: Thrashoholics in Suburbia comic is a helluva lotta fun!
Read Moon Cup Made Of Bakelite comic if you need an awakening
Milkweed #3 is defined by the fun and the philosophical
Kearley leaves you wanting more in the Drown These Evil Spirits and Penetrate the Obstacles comic zine
C’est du Joli! artzine is fused with the unknown
Microzine of Microagressions is dedicated to free speech and bad-ass woman
Respite takes us to the mental, physical, and spiritual
Collage has few rules and infinite possibilities in One Thing Leads to Another: An Essay on Collage litzine
Bun’s Rainyman is an ode to instability
JJ Chau’s (Sometimes) You’r Just Okay is the journey we needed to hear about
The Customer is Always Wrong comic is cinematically unbelievable
Pick up Dum Ditty Dum #2: March 24,1987 if you’re ready to rock
Dear Journal #3 speaks up, but never speaks for, its readers
Explosive Comic is literally a comic about explosions (and we love it)
Brontez Purnell is one of a kind, a mildly deranged rock star
Kiss Off #16 is “eerily relatable”
Astro Mega’s Planet Nebula is an experiment of jazz, house, and hip-hop
Oh It Aches and Tears is for those experiencing grief, and those who don’t understand it
Take a look at Virginity: A Toxic Concept zine if you need a quick reminder
Static Zine #18 is Cracker Jack box of surprise
Feels #3 zine is crisp, engaging and all about body love
Devil Woman chapbook is a delightfully morbid discovery
Your Friendly Neighbourhood Felon litzine if rife with toxic masculinity
This Night Sucks is your high school nightmare
Holy Hum’s All Of My Bodies is dense, immersive pop
Zo Watt’s ‘Letters to the 43’ zine prepares you for sex, love, and infatuation
Hoser Punx #5 fanzine is officially a thing (and we’re here for it)!
Night of Nights is a hodgepodge of everything Angela Carlucci
King-Cat Comics & Stories #77 is an eclectic and entertaining ride
Read Shit’s Fucked #2 zine to take you from reality to fantasy (and back)!
The ‘You Are Alice in Wonderland’s Mum’ choose-your-own-adventure book is more debaucherous than it seems
Dance Naked artzine will help you remember yourself
Pick up Dead Bee Digest #2 zine if you want to commiserate
Conglom-o Zine a rad tribute to Rocko’s Modern Life
One Plus One Equals Window
Music Review: Ghost Rights Activism
Book Review: Punk Is Dead: Modernity Killed Every Night
Comic Review: Otter Days
Book Review: Turning Japanese
Zine Review: Whiny Femmes
Zine Review: Introspection Intermittently #3
Zine Review: Cometbus #58: Zimmerwald
Zine Review: The Paper Trail Diary’s Chain Letter Short Story Project #2
Zine Review: Artificial Life in the Market Place #10
Comic Review: The Complete Strange Growths 1991-1997
Zine Review: Accidental Infantilism
Zine Review: Beginner Houseplant Guide


The Fight Against Fish Farms
Comic: An Offer You Can Refuse


How Animal Crossing Made Me Do Self-Care
Brontez Purnell’s Zine Philosophy: My Life, in Reverse Negative and Xerox


Jo Meets Jess
The Mixed Marriage Dragnet
An Immodest Automatic Message from an Immortal Monkey

Excerpts From The Independent Press:

Highlights from One Plus One Equals Window
Delve into Virginity: A Toxic Concept
Take a peek into Kiss Off #16 by Chris Kiss
A look into Angela Carlucci’s Night of Nights zine!

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Zinester’s Toolkit: Monica Trinidad


Folio: Homografía pushes limits of Mexican queer performance art


One “Rusty” Zine Collection
Perzines to the Front! Dear Diary Zine Fest