How to Get an Arts Grant for Your Indie Project (in Canada and Other Places)
F*ck 45: 10 Zines Talking Back to Trump


‘Wolves #1’ perzine is haunting and beautiful
A feeling of memory made tangible: ‘Ancient Echo’ photo zine
‘Filthy Bitches 2.0’ artzine challenges the male gaze
Alive, interconnected and intimate: ‘Conversations with the Mute Chapter 2: Correspondences’ litzine
No stone goes unturned in this heavy but insightful page-turner ‘Small Predators’
‘Dear Current Occupant’ is a powerful narrative of Black female self-invention
The Small Intimacies of Motherhood in ‘A Bubble’
‘SKY WRI TEI NGS’ transforms the mundane
Meditations on Prairie Life: ‘Little Wild’
A Homage to Montreal: ‘Everyone Rides the Bus in a City of Losers’
Poetic Vignettes and Nuanced Portrayals of Queerness in ‘Hider/Seeker’
A Choose Your Own Surrealist Poetry Adventure Zine: ‘We are now an Eager Beaver!!!’
Reconciling the Irreconcilable: ‘Forest Fires’ essay
Real AF artzine and 2018 BP Zine Awards finalist: ‘Homes I Cannot Afford’
‘Is the sun a whore?’: relationship woes, jealousy and passion in comic ‘Helioscum #2’
Reality and fiction mingle in dreamy comic ‘Coma’
Money with morals: ‘Revolution 11’ introduces a new world order
Staggered Healing and Snippets of Summer in perzine ‘Trauma Castle #1-3’
An Honest and Homegrown Guide to Navigating Anxiety: ‘So You’re Anxious as Fuck’
Queer Archeology in perzine ‘A Queer Memory’
Reminders, wishes and honest prayers in perzine ‘Living Not Existing #4’
‘Dear Clickhole’ zine is pretty dumb in the best way
Obesity bureaucracy is a bizarre satire in The Fatness
‘Feast of Fields’ is an ethereal and unique visual experience


The K.K.K. in Kanada, Part 3


Zine Philosophy: Aus’ Zines for the End of the World
Zinester Joey Clift asks his artist mom how she does it
Art Hole: Dalbert Vilarino’s Bedroom Studio


Fiction: Hong Kong Food Fire Storm
Snake Dreams

Excerpts From The Independent Press:

Take a peek inside ‘Homes I Cannot Afford’
Take a look inside ‘So You’re Anxious as Fuck’ perzine


Folio: Illuminations by Christina Hajjar and Noelle Sagher


Zinester Joey Clift asks his artist mom how she does it
Froid d’art – Kingston artist freezes art around town