Free, cheap, sober… 10 verbs for chill(y) days and nights
Zine Activism on the Streets of Hong Kong
Pushing Pins: Taking stock of the patch & pin boom
Tips of the trade: patch pushers dish on making the sale
But who made that? Artist pin production in a sketchy global labour market
Pin shows, zine fairs, and the new DIY marketplace


‘The Little Fox of Mayerville’ leaves the reader at the doorstep of social revolution
‘Ladybird Bug Boy’ is a clever exploration of the nature of the self
Drowning in lust, ‘Just Pervs’ presents sex as an escape from desire
‘Love Me, Please’ is a relatable and humour-filled guide to love, dating, and relationships
‘The Inflatable Life’ loses its message to its medium
‘True Youth Bootlegs’ examines the culture of hardcore and its lasting impact
Come ‘Put Your Hand in Mine’ and escape to the natural world
‘Lands and Forests’ leaves the reader with tales from new acquaintances
‘Meat and Bone’ dares you to face your deepest insecurities
‘Invasions’ confronts experiences of embodiment with empathy and honesty
‘Total Self Appropriation’ explores the meaninglessness of subcultural aesthetics
‘Artifact Zine’ explores peoples motivation to create
‘Läskimooses #46’ creates a cosmic experience
‘Motion Sickness of Time Travel’ delivers a jolt of shock and awe
‘Brick’ juxtaposes decay and renewal
‘Hotrod Billy’ is a laid back summer read
‘inukstep’ by piqatiks hits a newfound fierceness
This ‘Unofficial Guide’ to chronic illness finds the humour in bad health
‘Get It Away From Me #6’ satirizes consumer culture
‘Diné’ zine asks settlers to unlearn and show solidarity
Self-righteous, specfic, ‘All City’ falls short
‘By Mom, By Me’ compares the college experience of two women, a generation apart
‘Taking up Space’ tells fat shamers to fuck off
“Coconut Dreams” nostalgically depicts the complex dynamics of South Asian immigrant families
“Iconoclazine” reflects on the nature of meaning in art through comedy
‘The Purpose’ comically sums up the overwhelming emotions that are no stranger to millennials
‘Hello, Lost Girl’ melds together the unique work of various illustrators through one common factor
‘Feels Zine #08’ is a mixed bag of promising prose and plenty of poems
Vinyldyke is a bombshell of a rock ‘n’ roll fanzine debut


Comic by Gord Hill: Siege at Ts’peten
The newest Babcia paper cut comic traces 5th century migration
Dream of sunnier days with the new Cat City comic


Fiction: Sick by Joe Bongiorno 
Fiction: He Didn’t Say, She Didn’t Say

Excerpts From The Independent Press:

Take a peak into ‘Dear Twin’ by Addie Tsai
Zine Excerpt: One man’s brutal experience with Canada’s HIV laws


Folio: “These Threads Hold Memory” honours Indigenous knowledge via digital motifs


Zine Quest or zine fests? Kickstarter’s RPG zine promo grows, as do tensions
Zine reports the grisly stories of HIV criminalization in Canada
Print’s new home for rural lesbians