6 ways to survive Valentine’s Day and its aftermath

No matter what you’re doing right, it can feel like you’re doing everything wrong when everyone’s favourite overly saccharine corporate holiday comes around. Don’t Worry! We’ve got you covered with these 6 strategies, no matter your situation.

1. You finally have a Valentine’s date!

You go, papi. But wait — what are you going to get them to make sure they don’t dine and dash on you?!

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2. You don’t have a date,(again)

Ugh. Single on V Day. Do we really need an extra day of shame and sadness amidst our, y’now,  routine loneliness and alienation?

Like us, you may be desperate to escape any and all things that might remind you of this so-called “holiday.”  And there’s one easy solution!

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3. You’re ready to love yourself. You deserve it, tbh.

Who needs a date?! Bullshit corporate Valentine’s Day is just the excuse you needed to cherish yourself in all of your flaws and fabulosity.

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4. You’re in an LTR and fresh out of date ideas. 

There are only so many ‘FaceTime movie dates’ you can have before it gets boring. And isn’t that like, a downgraded Netflix and chill?

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5. You’re pretty sure your partner forgot about Valentine’s Day

Let’s just say, hypothetically, you snuck a peak at your partner’s planner… and let’s just say you noticed that the evening of the 14th has been allotted “Dungeons & Dragons with new neighbour.” And let’s just say you would have too much dignity to say anything about it. Just as an example…

Well, this Very Funny Blog Post might be just the thing your partner needs for that extra bit of last-minute Valentine’s Day inspiration! Share it with them and wait in suspense to see what exciting Valentine’s Day activity they choose!

6. Valentine’s Day? When?! You’re the one who definitely forgot about it…

What? Wasn’t it just New Years? WTF is a babe to do?

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