Art Holes: Adam Waito

Art holes is a column where artists diagram their work spaces. This issue, artist Adam Waito gives us a look.

Adam says, “I like to have one screen keeping the distractible part of my brain occupied; I’ll rewatch The X-Files or slow-moving horror movies. On the other monitor I’ll have my reference images or a Photoshop session open. The frilly thing bottom left is a vibrating seat covered in cartoon fish where my 4-month-old daughter sometimes sits and happily chews on her giant stuffed caterpillar while I work. For background noise she prefers leftie political podcasts over horror movies. This desk also doubles as a home recording studio.”

Click the image below for a closer look!

Adam Waito is an illustrator and musician based in Toronto. When he’s not making steamy zines about Mulder and Scully he’s drawing gig posters and drawing for clients like Vice and TIFF. He also plays in the bands Nancy Pants and Adam & The Amethysts.