Art Holes: Brie Moreno

Art holes is a column where artists diagram their work spaces. This issue, artist Brie Moreno gives us a look.

I currently work between studios in Ottawa, ON, and London, UK. That means I need to keep my desk organized, efficient, and tidy, so that I’m able to keep track of all my sketches and supplies when I move between cities. Even though tidiness and order are integral to my work space, it’s important for me to make a home on my desk for a few special figurines in order to spark inspiration. Some neon pink nail varnish, a sewing machine, some business cards, and my ProMarker pens are some of the unique objects that I’ve arranged on my desk. When I’m not drawing, I enjoy making jewellery, so I always keep a big jar of beads at the corner of my desk — incase I suddenly get the urge to lasso a colourful pattern onto some fishing wire or something.

Brie Moreno is an artist living between Canada and the UK. Her clients include Novembre Magazine, Nieves Books, Breakdown Press and the Art Gallery of Ontario. Her work can be seen

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