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The Future is Now
Artzine, Katie Carey,, Pindot Press

If you’d like to visually travel across time and space in the span of a few minutes, The Future is Now is the zine for you. The textural, colourful art in this slim volume is simultaneously retro and modern, blending a vintage aesthetic with futuristic ideas, such as the plight of the spaceman, transporter room malfunctions, and alien birthday parties.

The style is reminiscent of 3D comic books and nostalgic science fiction cartoons, while the content explores dilemmas and lifestyles beyond the 21st century. Katie Carey’s art is intriguing, and each of her illustrations tells a story in the span of a page or two. A lab-grown heart destined for the grocery store, varieties of robotic experience, and a mama dinosaur seeking her domesticated offspring can all be found in this charmingly conceived zine.

For Trekkies, science nerds, techno geeks, sci-fi aficionados, and of course illustration fans, The Future is Now will send your brain a hundred years to the future and back again.

(Nicole Partyka)

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