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Call for Submissions: Learning to Ride

Silver Birch Press is seeking poems or prose about learning to ride your bike! I  mean that’s kind of great, right? More info on the blog post. Deadline April 15.

Call for Proposals: Disability and/in/through fanfiction

A special journal issue through the University of Waterloo is seeking works that explore isability in fanfiction, disability and fanfiction, and disability through fanfiction. How do disability and fanfiction interact with each other in fanfiction communities? How is disability represented in fanfiction and what meaning does/can/should it have? What roles do disabled fans play in how disability and disabled characters are understood in fandoms? How does white supremacy and heteropatriarchy/cissexism impact where disabled people feel included in online fanfiction communities? How do queerness, racialization, transness, gender, sexuality, class, as inseparable from our experiences of disability, inform and shape our love of fandom and fanfic? How do adaptive technologies influence the presence of which disabled fans can contribute in fanfic and in fanfic communities? What role does accessibility play in fanfiction communities, and for disabled fans? Lots more information on the website. Deadline April 15, 2016.

Call for Poems: HIV Here & Now

The HIV Here & Now Project continues to need your poems to keep the poem-a-day countdown going. The poet does not have to be HIV-positive and the poem does not have to be about HIV. Each poem honors a day in the poem-a-day countdown to 35 years of AIDS on June 5, 2016. The countdown is grim; your poem need only be beautiful. Submit with brief bio and author photo to [email protected] (photo as JPEG or other image file, please). Previously published poems are fine (include pub credit).

Call for Submissions: Smile Baby Zine

The theme of the first issue of Smile Baby is “Our Voices” – seeking submissions from anybody who can speak from the “I” perspective when discussing the experiences of young women and gender nonconforming youth. We’re talking about public space and gender here. Submission is easy, simply email [email protected] with the title “SMILE BABY Zine Submission.” More info on the tumblr page.

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