Calls for Submissions: 90s fancore zine, essential workers revolt, landscape justice & more!

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90s Fandom Zine Submissions 

About: It’s what a sounds like! A mega tribute zine to all things 90s pop culture (and counter culture!). Sales of the zine will raise money for the Avalon Sexual Assault Centre in Halifax through zine sales.

We are looking for…

~ Fanart/comics
~ Fanfiction
~ Fanfiction recommendations and reviews
~ Personal anecdotes
~ Podcasts recommendations and reviews
~ Colouring and activity pages
~ Whatever, get creative!

Submissions: Send your submission (or your ideas, questions, high concepts and wholesome jokes) to [email protected]

All images/pages must be 300 DPI and formatted to 5.5″ x 8.5″

All word documents should be submitted both in a word doc and a pdf. Please include the name you would like to be referred to by and any other information you may want to include (e.g. Instagram, Tumblr, or Etsy)

Submissions must centre around 90s fandoms. Some examples of 90s fandoms we are looking for: Sailor Moon, Daria, King of the Hill, Utena, Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Zelda, Super Mario, Silent Hill, Sonic, Evangelion, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cowboy Bebop, Escaflowne, Cardcaptor Sakura, Gundam Wing, Harry PotterGood Omens, Twin Peaks, X-Files, Hey Arnold and like,  any anything along those lines from the 90s. If it’s from the 90s we’re game.

Pay: Submissions are on a volunteer basis, and proceeds go towards our fundraising in support of the Avalon Sexual Assault Centr

Deadline: From now until July 22nd 2020.

The Essential Worker

About: The Essential Worker is a zine project documenting the experiences of young workers and the politics of precarious labour and the service class through the lens of the  the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We’ll publish essays, fiction, comics, journalism, poetry, and other media exploring the crisis from a working-class perspective. Our goal is to develop class consciousness among our peers and to further the project of revolutionary socialism.

“We seek perspectives of those most affected by coronavirus, particularly ‘essential workers’ and people of colour, queer, trans, disabled, and indigenous people, immigrants, and members of any other at-risk or oppressed class.

We are anti-racist and anti-imperialist and strive for intersectionality. Our current editors are U.S. based, but we welcome perspectives from around the world.”

Submissions: Fill out this form if you’re interested in committing and check out the @WorkerZine Twitter


Dooneh Zine #3: Zine of the Persian Diaspora

About: Dooneh is a submissions-based zine made to showcase the talents of the Iranian community. We interviewed one of the creators of Dooneh in Issue 87 of Broken Pencil.

Submissions: Dooneh adepts submissions of unpublished original works of fiction, personal narratives, poetry, art, and photography by those who are Persian or have some sort of tie to Persian culture. Submissions  are accepted in both English and Persian. Please email submissions to [email protected] and include the following: The category of submission and title of the piece in the subject line, your name and email in case you are needed for questions. A short 2-3 sentence bio and relation to the Persian community.

Deadline: June 30th 2020.

Womawords Poetry Zine – Calling All Women!

About:  Womawords, an international eZine based in Africa, is the heart child of multi-award winning Zimbabwean poet in exile, Mbizo Chirasha.  It was established to support women and girls through the publication of activist poetry by women.  Current projects are Womawords companion publication, Liberating Voices Journal, and the newly founded Womawords Hall of Fame.

The Womawords Hall of Fame seeks to amplify women’s voices through literary and other arts and comprises representatives from around the globe: writers, poets, editors, and mentors among others.

Submissions: The call is open to women poets. Ten poems and poets will be selected from the submissions, which should include a short third-person bio of thirty-to-sixty words and your photograph. Submissions to be forwarded to BOTH Mbizo Chirasha [email protected] and cc’d Jamie Dedes at [email protected]

Pay: Email Editors for more info ([email protected])

Deadline: May 20th – June 20th, 2020.


‘Landscape Research Group – Environmental Change Zine’

About: We’d like to invite you to participate in LRG’s first global webinar and AGM, exploring rapid environmental change through a lens of landscape justice; bringing together imagination, research and practice to look at new ways of seeing, living and working.

By examining power structures, case studies and social imaginaries, we will go some way to explore what landscape justice might look like and feel like in everyday life, how it might affect livelihoods, and how we respond to our rapidly changing places.

Submissions: We invite applications for informal Pecha-Kucha think-pieces on the event theme, presenting a question, a thought, a case study or piece(s) of work. Pecha-Kucha is a visual method of storytelling, sharing 20 image of 20 seconds each, so each presentation is shorter than 7 minutes. Check out the website for more info on how to submit!

Presenters will share live (or recorded if you prefer), with a short Q&A to end the event.

Deadline: June 1st, 2020


Canadian LGBTQ Body Positivity Zine: More Me

About: The CCGSD’s new campaign More will be launching later this summer, More is a new body positivity campaign that focuses on addressing issues of fatphobia, femmephobia, racism, ageism, and ableism in LGBTQ communities. The media often overrepresents thin, masculine, white, young, and able bodied people, which creates unrealistic body norms. More will feature posters and buttons, a workshop brought to you by CCGSD’s Team Education, and a zine written by LGBTQ people across Canada.

We’re accepting submissions for the More Me zine right now! We’re looking for your art, poetry, stories, or photography about experiences with body acceptance, positivity, and feelings about diversity and inclusion in your own LGBTQ community.

Submissions: Please keep submissions to under 500 words and be mindful of the diverse audiences who will be reading More Me. More Me will only be available in black and white please keep this in mind when submitting artwork. Email your submissions to [email protected]

Pay: Volunteer basis

Deadline: August 8th, 2020 


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