Calls for Submissions feat. femslash, dysphoria in the forest & the gig economy

Want your call for submissions included on our list?
Email your call-out to [email protected] (do not send your submissions here).
Subject line: Call for submissions.

Impossible Archetype 

About: An international online journal of LGBTQ+ poetry
Submissions: Submit 1 – 4 poems to [email protected] (there is no upper line length and we welcome longer work. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to keep the submission to under ten pages total).
Pay: None
Deadline: March 1st, 2020

“Best Friends”

About: “Best Friends” is an Aphmau-based femslash e-zine, dedicated to all things femslash and WLW in nature.
Submissions: 2 separate applications for writers and artists. Writers and Artists are required to submit 2 pieces of their work, along with a portfolio link.
Pay: Not specified
Deadline: February 12th – 14th, 2020

Nature Held Me Close 

About: A zine about gender dysphoria and the great outdoors.
Submissions: Accepting essays, non-fiction writing, poetry, digital and/or traditional art, photography, mixed media. To submit, email [email protected] with your submission, including your name, social media handle (optional), and any artist/author’s notes you’d like included. The zine will be published as a free pdf.
Pay: Not specified
Deadline: June 20th, 2020

Variant Literature 

About: A non-profit publisher providing a platform for authors and artists with a quarterly publication
Submissions: Accepting fiction, non-fiction, poetry, comics/graphic novels, and cover art. All work must be submitted through Submittable following the guidelines specific to each category.
Pay: Not specified
Deadline: April 24th, 2020 

What We Do: Invisible Work Days in the Gig Economy

About: A single issue zine about what workdays actually look like for freelancers and anyone who juggles multiple small streams of income as their job instead of a traditional 9-to-5.
Submissions: I’m looking for “a day in the life” pieces of about 500-1000 words. Include, if you like, motivations and life circumstances leading you to seek a non-traditional work situation. Please send submissions and questions to [email protected] Sample provided upon request. I’m very new to zine-making so please be patient with me!”
Pay: Complimentary copy of the zine
Deadline: February 15th, 2020

Earth Love 2020

About: Earth Love 2020 is a collaborative zine that celebrates Earth Day with our favourite goddess: Ultimate Madoka.
Submissions: Write or draw something about the earth or Ultimate Madoka. Only complete drawings are accepted, sketches will not be included. All written pieces must not exceed 1000 – 1200 words.
Pay: None
Deadline: April 8th at 11:00PM CET

Headline Poetry & Press

About: Headline Poetry & Press exists to feed, motivate, and renew the resistance of today.  We seek work that tells a story, is relatable, and walks right up to the line of an issue – and sometimes with a toe or even an entire step it.
Submissions: Seeking creative works for ‘Restoration v.1 — Annual New Year Edition’ that reflect the world we hope for; be it mystical, magical, fictional, or true. Accepting visual art, poetry, micro fiction (300 words or less), and short creative nonfiction (500 words or less).
Pay: Not specified
Deadline: February 15th, 2020

As Long as I’m Alive I’m Something 

About: As Long as I’m Alive I’m Something — issue one is a photographic zine, presented by Neighbouhood Malmö — an Independent collective creating a platform for Malmö’s photography scene, focusing on culture & new talent.
Submissions: Calling photographers of all ages, genders & locations worldwide to submit up to five strong, stand-alone images. What does it mean to be young and alive in 2020 – interpret as you will.
Pay: Not specified
Deadline: February 22nd, 2020