Calls for Submissions: Black Writers Anthology, Monsters and Magic, & more!

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 Call for submissions.


Islam in the City: Black and Muslim in the GTA

About: Islam in the City is a new publication from the Institute of Islamic Studies at the University of Toronto. Their goal is to find and better understand the complexities and nuance of all that falls under the broad term of ‘Islamic.’ They feature the stories and lived experiences of Muslims here in the GTA. Looking for black and Muslim stories exploring the intersection of race, religion, and culture in the current urban Canadian context.
Submissions: 700 – 1,000 word pieces
Pay: N/A
Deadline: August 21st.

Third Iris Zine: Steps Inside

About: This issue will be named “Steps Inside” to represent a focus on mental health. Whether you personally live with mental illness or know someone who does, there are many stories to be told. This theme was picked as a way to highlight those who may feel they struggle to find a voice especially about a topic that is still stigmatized.
Submissions: We welcome any and all creative forms that can be presented in a printed zine. Written works should not exceed 8,000 words. Poetry is capped at 5 works per person. Visual works: Includes drawings, paintings, collages, digital art, photography, etc. Max 5 works per person.
Pay: N/A
Deadlines: September 15, email your submissions to [email protected]

Quail Bell Magazine

About: Quail Bell Magazine is a feminist publication and community for real and unreal stories from around the world. We have a special love for the imaginary, nostalgic, and otherworldly. As a woman-run publication, we strive to publish work that not only challenges readers, but lets them enjoy some sparkle, too. We are focusing on Black writers’ essays, fiction, poetry, and other creative works for an anthology. Take a look at what we’ve published in the past and spread the word about this opportunity. The collection will be curated by three amazingly talented Black editors who will be compensated for their time.

Submissions:  Please note that this particular opportunity is for Black writers ONLY. If you have any questions, please email at [email protected] Please follow the submission guidelines below, or find them on our website here:

  • Submit text as a .Doc or .RTF. Submit visuals as .JPGs at 300 DPI. Submit audio as .mp3 attachments. Submit video as direct links to Vimeo or YouTube. For other media, contact us with a proposal.
  • All art files must be titled. No random letters and numbers!
  • All text files (e.g., short stories, poems, articles, etc.) must contain your name, the title, and the word count within the body of the document.
  • Include a brief cover letter in the body of the email.

Pay: No monetary compensation.

Deadlines: Rolling Basis.

Zanna: Monsters and Magic

About: Zanna is a small but ambitious creative enterprise. Creatives for creatives, and aiming to see how your wicked and phantasmagorical ideas come to life. Looking for bizarre beasties, menacing monstrosities and spooky spirits alongside witches, warlocks and their sensational spells. Interested in seeing your many interpretations of monsters from the mundane to the magnificent and what it means to really be one, both literally and metaphorically.

Submission: Accepting submissions of photography, painting, illustration, and writing. You may submit more than one piece, but no more than three.

Pay: N/A

Deadlines: Submit at before September 15th.