October 24-26, 2020

 Thousands of  Zines…plus special discounts, indie video games, the BP Zine Awards and more! 

Canzine, the festival of zines and underground print, is going virtual this year! Thousands of visitors can explore the 18 lands of Canzine World, including fantastical places such as Librarian’s Lagoon, Punks Path, Sci-Fi Shore, and Riot Grrrl River. In each land, you’ll find vendors selling their wares just like they would in a regular in-person Canzine, but with a virtual twist.
With a built-in transaction platform, we’re making sure COVID-19 doesn’t mean that visitors and 350+ vendors miss out on the biggest zine fair in Canada. Along with our Zine Awards celebration, live panel, and other events, visitors can unlock special content in each land, including indie videogames, special archives, and other exciting surprises.

Registration is now open. Closes Sept. 13.

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COVID-19 means we can’t do our usual in-person Canzines this year. So we’re going virtual! Turning a four-city, thousand-person zine festival into an online event comes with its share of challenges. The Broken Pencil team has been brainstorming for months to make sure that whatever we build prioritizes creators who rely on spaces like Canzine to share their work with the world.

The format:

October 24-26, 2020, the magical virtual world of Canzine will be open to visitors at Canzine.ca. There they will find fantastical places like Fanzine Forest, Librarian’s Lagoon, Punks Path, and Riot Grrrl River. Each land will house 15-20 vendors, each with their own page and shop to explore.


In-person Canzine sees thousands of visitors a year. We will be promoting our butts off to make sure that we see similar traffic online. The good part about going virtual is that we can open up Canzine to an international audience!

Transactions & shipping

We’ll have a built-in transaction platform. At no extra cost, each vendor will have a free page in the Canzine shop where they can sell their zines. Visitors will be able to add zines from different vendors’ shops to their cart and check out in the end, all in one transaction.

We don’t want visitors to have to pay a separate shipping fee for each purchase from another zinester. We’re figuring out the best way to save vendors and visitors money, which might involve Broken Pencil handling all shipping, since we get a small business discount and are no stranger to mass postage ???????????? This means vendors would send everything they’ve sold at Canzine to us and then we’d send individual packages to visitors. This saves vendors and visitors added individual shipping costs, because remember! It’s rare that someone buys just one zine.

After Canzine, you’ll receive an email with how many items you sold. You will need to ship those items to the Broken Pencil office. We will then transfer you the money you earned from Canzine, and will create bundles to send to each of the Canzine visitors. Our office is in Toronto, so if you live close by, you can save on shipping by dropping off your sold items to our office. More details to follow.

Three days

One benefit of going online is vendors don’t need to manage their table the whole time! The plan is to set everything up ahead of time and have the actually shopping transactions run themselves at the time of the event. This means vendors can do their own perusing and shopping! They will want to keep an eye on their messages, though, to make sure that they can answer questions from visitors.

Special events 

Though the shopping will be available for three days, there will be live events, including the Zine Awards and panels, and special features like indie video games, virtual tours, and other fun stuff!

Canadian residents priority

This year Canadian residents will be prioritized for vendor spots. Our apologies to our American and international friends. We have limited resources and want to make sure local voices are given space. If extra spots open up, we will give them to international zinesters on the waiting list.

What about folks who don’t have credit cards?

Our hands are a bit tied on this one, but we’re going to look into options that are within our capacity. Visitors can potentially buy a prepaid card from a retailer, including grocery and drug stores, or borrow someone else’s credit card.