Canzine Vancouver Vendor Q&A: Angela Pan

Vendor Q&A: Angela Pan

Who are you? Why are you coming to Canzine?

My name is Angela Pan. I work in Animation as a background designer; during my free time I create comics and various illustrations. I was told by quite a few Toronto comic artists about Canzine in 2017 and I had a great experience tabling at both Canzine Toronto and Vancouver in the following 2 years. I like meeting people who are primarily interested in zines and comics. I also love walking around and seeing an amazing variety of zine makers and how they approach storytelling.

Have you been before? If so, what’s your fondest Canzine memory?

I have tabled at the Toronto Canzine in 2017 and the Vancouver Canzine in 2017 and 2018. My fondest memory would be having one of my short comics shortlisted for the Zine award. It was great meeting everyone who attend these events every time.

Why do you create?

I create to tell stories, and translate emotions and memories into images that communicate those moments with the reader. I create so readers know they are not alone in certain situations, that we are all the same going through the same joys and problems in life.

Angela Pan is currently working on a zine called ‘Conversations’ (excerpts pictured) that contains five short comics based on conversations from her daily life. Get your copy at Canzine!

Catch her at Canzine Vancouver on September 21st!