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Canzine Vancouver Vendor List


Old Pond Comics

Bard Illustration

Tributary Collective

Liz Yerby

Pulp Literature

Hayley Muir

Sadstar queerdos

Eric Button

Nicholas Loewen

My Ghost Husband

Em Partridge and Myles Black


Comic Carr

Sarah Thompson


Byrne Creek Media Arts

Dana Kearley


Resilence in Colours

These Secrets Press

Jenny Hsieh


Terra Poirier

Morgan Shandro

Jonathan Dalton

Carli Boisjolie

Tundra Wizard

Kirsten Hatfield

 Crits and Giggles

Beverly Ma

Tim Bauer

Head Fanzine

Peaches and Cream

Colin Upton Comics

Ripley Comics


Shimshon ObadiaEmily MacMillen – Arrive Early, Expect Delays

Annely So & Abi Paeth 


April dela Noche Milne

Snaughtie x M Pipe


The Mind and The Muscle

Ghost Kids

Jazz Groden-Gilchrist 

Misery Loves Company

Rise of the White Pheonix

Cloudscape Comics

Siobhan Smith

Soul Food That’s Easy on Hearts (Recipe Zine)

Alison Woodward 

John James

Chelsea O’ByrneJesse Coons 

Brain Booger Industries

Karen Shangguan 

Joni Taylor

Stranger Fiction

Frida Montes


Moongate Studios

Laurel Cook 

Hotam Press

Kgros comics

Sarah Walker – Pun, 2, 3

Nosferatu Series

Joyce Liao

Kris Sayer

Nuclear Jack

Natasha & Aamba

Corrupted File

Kayla Rosen Zines

James Brandi 

Friends & Food

Cold Cuts

Janice Liu 

Comics by Steph

Tumultuous Times


The scissorhood

Joint Spasm

Mabel Jong Art

Heather Tam 

Sabine Rear 

Brightside Doodles

Nell de Jager

Sam and Izzy

Rosemary Travale

Eggman Comics

Nikki Papp

Heidi Cho Art



Ghost Cats


Welcome to the Life of Tabistacs


Outasight Zine

Horticultural Counterpowers

Angela Pan Art

Wholly Imagination

The Scientoonist

Victoria Kon

Hei Lam Ng (@papersquare)

Horticultural Counterpowers

Nosferatu Series




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