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[ [ / in the d a r k e s t ,  h a r s h e s t  m o n t h s,  a smattering of queerdos
saw the need for a semi-social gathering  f r e e  o f  e x p e c t a t i o n s  a n d  f u l l  o f  w a r m t h .  / ] ]

as some~body who works in a seasonal job i have a love/hate relation~ship with the {ww}winter{~net}_ 

i experience the wwwinter~net as a period of research / a space where i can catch up
on my back~log of sci~fi reading material / a time for non~capital creative projects / a place where i allow my~self a deep~dive into the land~scape of procrastination < its/self a creative opportunity_ 

despite these benefits the wwwinter~net is un~comfortable {not just because it’s always vastly sub~zero but} because in the physical & mental stillness & isolation i am left with my thoughts & feelings < whilst the anti~dote of social inter~action becomes ~physically/financially/psychologically~ less accessible during in~hospitable weather

if the wwwinter~net is a seemingly un~ending snow~squall where one might lose them~selves < where is it that we find each other ? 

i had this question in mind a few years back when i invited people in the {queer} community to a brain~storming session re: an event series {with the proposed name of ‘anxiety social’} that could take place over the winter months …

with feed~back from this session & the on~going creative/energetic/spatial generosity of other queers {&allies}
 ((( {spatial} requiring a special thx~ it is donated by our friends at {private studio} R\F )))

‘A N X I E T Y :s O C I A L’ materialised …invites {via sub~scribed email} were offered as follows :.

“it sounds almost mundane but ‘A:s’ is really quite simple < we gather / out~side it’s cold & some~times dark / we commune around a single creative {non obligatory} activity > it’s chill _ there’s tea _ there is a happy light and celestial white noise{…} there are soft fabrics_ you are totally welcome & there is no obligation to directly address any~bodies’ mental health but simply to …gather {&} sit with {this}
and be nice to each other and our~selves 

…a winter~ti:me gathering for queers {&allies} / employing communal & creative self~care activities for those of us who some~ti:me{s} feel S.A.D {socially anxious & depressed} 

A:s ≈ for anxiety / by anxiety _ an on~going opportunity to *Qommune IRL & care~take our *Qollective mental health 

A:s ≈ a ti:me/place where those with~in {&~around} the queer+*community can host activities in a non~professional {yet environMENTALLY responsible} atmosphere 

A:s ≈ a SAFETY net{work} for *Communal healing & NRGetic exchange A:s ≈ WE ti:me _ self~care & safety in numbers to/gæther{ness} / mindful{ness} / open{ness}

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