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ZINES_Dirt Baby and Bone Cat.tiff copyDirty Baby + Bone Cat

Comic, Patrick Sparrow (author) ,16 pages, [email protected]

This grotesque comic details the adventures of a mangled feline and the equally-wrecked Dirt Baby, baby! Think a more raw version of the Garbage Pail Kids in terms of aesthetic. The comic is full of slime and popping-out eyeballs ‘n shit. The words? Equally out there! They tend to focus sex, drugs, violence, more drugs, more violence and drugs covered in slime.

Creator Patrick Sparrow succeeds at jamming his comic with intensity and perverse humor. Basically, all the characters kick the asses of all the other characters. And then celebrate, more or less. If you look hard enough, maybe there’s a razor thin layer of friendship beneath the ooze between certain characters. But really at best, its a series of dealer/doper relationships and at worse, mortal enemies?

But yeah, great comic overall. Its fairly funny and exhausting to read; a comment on the level of detail and design that goes into each drawing. Dirt Baby + Bone Cat certainly isn’t for the faint of heart but its not just a bunch of scribbled psychotics here. Its not easy to get so gross. Sparrow succeeds here. (Cam Gordon)

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