Frippity fray, it’s Friday! We’re very proud of you for making it this far, readers. Congratulations on living as long as you have! Our undead readers on the other hand – urgh. Shame on you.  What do you even see in that necromancer? He’s a total flake. Cindy says she saw him raising the dead behind your back during third period. Just letting you know.

Return to Sender – Tommy Kha will not kiss you back. In this photo series, Kha is passionately smooched, lightly pecked, and shamelessly macked on – all without batting an eye. His active role as the photographer and his unresponsiveness is supposed to confuse the audience, according to Kha’s explanation. But enjoying how grumpy Kha looks is probably just as satisfying.

Daughters of Lilith – This 8tracks mix celebrates monster girls, wrathful women who fold only to their own glorious horror. Unlike the other girl power mixes 8tracks is known for, this playlist embraces a woman’s capacity to wreck, to rule, to annihilate.

Survive Nature – We’ve all been there. You know. Trapped on a deserted island, with only our dwindling sanity to keep us company. Or maybe you’ve been stranded in an unforgiving snowstorm, Yetis lying in wait for you to collapse. Fear not, readers! Survive Nature has all the tips you’ll need on basic survival in extreme settings. (Sadly Yeti defense isn’t listed. You’re on your own on that, buddy.)

Cat Fox Wolf – A webcomic by Quidditas, Cat Fox Wolf stars the titular animals as they muck about, occasionally delving into heart-wrenching introspections.

Social Dysphoria The Game – I’m loving the explosion of queer indie games, and Social Dysphoria doesn’t disappoint. Cisbot attacks the player with improper pronouns. When you run out of life, a doctor tells you that you’re not good enough for hormone replacement therapy (HRT). It’s a very personal game that shows an everyday struggle many wouldn’t think twice of.  However, since it is a very quickly done game, I do find the game’s overall impression of “cis” (people who identify as their gender from birth) as borderline negative, which might bother some players.