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Before you give thanks for gobbling dead birds and mashed starches this Monday, check out some cool things we found online!

Bell Park, Youth Detective – A murder in the Toronto Reference Library. Four suspects. And a kid sleuth probably, sort of, okay most definitely in over her head. This brilliant tongue-in-cheek crime noir was created by interactive storyteller Brendan Patrick Hennessy in Twine.

Megg, Mogg, and Owl – The pot-smoking, depressed and generally horrible stars of Simon Hanselmann’s comic will either make you cringe or cheer. A witch, her familiar and their trashy friends stumble around in the strips, failing miserably and ruining each other’s lives. It’s the dark realism of their emotions that’s really interesting, the sincerity of a muted response or an awful prank.

Fuck Yeah Strange Mythology – From Zeus to Oya, Bastet to Loki, this blog has everything you need to know about the weirdness of mythology mainstream media doesn’t touch. Who knew Hades named his dog Spot?

The Slo Mo Guys – There’s something zen-like about a car exploding very slowly. Slow motion cinematographer Gavin Free (you might know him from the gaming series Rooster Teeth) and friend Daniel Gruchy alternate between the macro-majesty of explosions and the micro-marvels of close-ups.

Origami Condoms – Condoms have a bad rap for wrapping. Many latex condom-wearers complain about the texture. Enter Origami Condoms. After contracting HIV due to a broken condom, founder Danny Reisnic was inspired to make accordion-like silicone condoms, which are said to be more pleasurable, easier to put on, and tear-resistant. You’ll have to wait until 2015 to try them, but the multiple condom designs online are interesting concepts.