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alisonlangpic Hi, this is Alison Lang, aka The New Editor. We will be bidding our dear InternPaul goodbye for the interim while he graduates from his internship onto greater pursuits. He has been a wonderful addition to the mag over the past few months and we will miss him. Thanks for everything Paul! This also means that I’ll be taking over the Found on the Internet posts for the interim. You can expect kitties, gender politics, heavy metal, cartoons, gadgets and dialogues related to creativity, plus some other things as they pop up. If you have anything you think I should share, please email suggestions to [email protected]. At left is a photo of me with combed hair wearing lipstick, both of which are exceedingly rare!    


adriennerich1Claiming an Education: Adrienne Rich’s Commencement Address – There’s been a lot of graduation speeches floating around from celebrities and comedians aiming to inspire da yout’s, but none can rival Adrienne Rich’s 1977 address to the all-female graduating class at Douglas College. There are many ideas brought up in this speech about how to properly claim one’s education as a woman in a society that does not respect the minds of women. The strongest one that haunts me regularly is Rich’s insistence that we work hard, never surrender to passivity and always, always, always demand to be taken seriously. A good credo to remember as we enter a season of change and renewal. (Source: Brain Pickings)





Billy Corgan’s Rock n’ Roll Cats – I know, I know, Billy Corgan is like the least indie guy ever, but he’s a weirdo who marches to his own beat, so we feel kinship. Plus here he is on the cover of the Cat Fancy-esque Paws Chicago mag with his ROCK N’ ROLL KITTIES. Paws Chicago is an organization that advocates for no-kill animal shelters. Corgan volunteers for them and adopted his kitties from them. (Source:







courtroom-5The Story Behind a Courtroom Sketch Artist  – The New York Times recently produced a documentary chronicling the history and development of courtroom sketch art – an occupation that is now sadly on the wane. It focuses on Gary Myrick, who has been doing courtroom sketches for 38 years. I love the way Myrick talks about his relationship to the work: ““When you funnel the story through a human being, its got a different quality than simply doing a mechanical recording of it. A lot of things going on about me are channeled through my heart, and my soul and my brain and my fingers…I like to convey just how it feels in that moment.” (Source: Beautiful Decay) That’s all for today folks. Short n’ sweet. Go have a nap! See you next week.

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