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If there’s one thing most people managed to retain from high school English class,  it’s ol’ Papa’s metaphor for writing a short story. Toronto writer Aldrin Taroy has started a new art website, The Iceberg, based around the premise, soliciting submissions from various creators (Mitch Fillion from the Ontario music vlog, Southern Souls, comics artist Jeffery Brown and Static zinester Jessica Lewis) all around drawing lots from little. There’s a song-memory section, where contributors tell a memory behind a song, a questionaire section, where all the contributors answer the same set of questions, and then the nomenclature section, where the stories behind a store’s name are revealed, such as the charming back story behind Toronto vintage shop Mrs. Huizenga.

The site is elegant and a very writerly approach to music, places and people, spinning stories out of what might be seen as commonplace.