For anyone who likes Hedbergian witticisms (and really,  you have no joy in your life if you don’t), then you will LOVE these wood etchings. So much better than those lame kitchen plaque jokes  (“I love cooking with wine-sometimes I even put it in my food!”).

Chicago zinester and English teacher Jim Joyce writes in the Chicago Tribune about why he still makes zines: “Blogs are OK. But you can’t tear a blog in half if you hate it — or drop it in a mailbox if you love it.”

Toronto craft superhero Becky Johnson of City of Craft takes a turn at comedy acting in this weirdly funny video about a child beauty competition. Spoiler: Johnson is the wannabe child beauty queen.

Pure fun for font nerds and cat-lovers: cats dressed up as fonts! Impact is my favourite. That cat has a serious uncle-in-a-Christmas-photo smile on.