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The LA blog Sunandglory does a step-by-step post on how to turn olds mags into pretty envelopes with a bit of string and maybe even bubble wrap.

The UK’s Spectator does a comprehensive run-down of the independently printed matter found at the Institute of Contemporary Art’s Publish and Be Damned Fair in London.

Everyone has a Youtube video show these days! Darren O’Donnell of the Toronto experimental performance group Mammalian Driving Reflex giggles about momos (Tibetan dumplings) and homos on the fourth episode of 2w10.

And the American engineering and robotics student Tristan Shone, who has a love for metal music, has perhaps made the most metal music of all – creating instruments out of what looks like industrial equipment: spinning metal wheels, pulling levers and sliding contraptions. Watch him in action here.