Friday’s Internet Round-up: Found this Week

Just like we have a weekly round-up of indie events each Monday, we’re now introducing a end-of-week round-up of things found across the internet. Have something you think would fit? Send it along to [email protected].

As last week’s Canzine in Toronto proved, papery things can’t be beat. But there are some many amazing zines we’ll never get to hold in our hands and this is when the internets can help. TINCAN MANSION, a zine put together by Ottawa artists and former students at Halifax’s Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, has released its second issue on Issu. Its latest issue explores type in all its contexts, from graffiti to street signs, while the zine is currently looking for submissions to its upcoming issue on food.

We’re a little late on this one, but the Occupy Wall Street protests have an unofficial design brigade: Occupy Design. The goal is “to create freely available visual tools around a common graphic language to unite the 99%.” Created in the span of 24 hours less just over a week ago, the site includes logistical signs to help streamline demonstrations.

Pretty photographs of hair.

Woah! Indie cartoonists are all over the airwaves this week. You can listen to Kate Beaton speak about her new book Hark! A Vagrant (Drawn & Quarterly) on Q and Joe Ollmann on CBC’s Tapestries program talk about mid-life crises.

Pick up the latest copy of Broken Pencil and you’ll find BP editor Lindsay Gibb’s feature story on zinesters and mental health. In the meantime though, you can read the often funny and always true comic blog Hyperbole and a Half on her own bout with depression. Just to ruin the happy ending for you, “And that’s how my depression got so horrible that it actually broke through to the other side and became a sort of fear-proof exoskeleton.” Enjoy!