Getting Tangled: Disability Art + Accessible Curation



Photo by Steve Kean

A groundbreaking new art gallery has opened up a permanent space in Toronto. Tangled Art and Disability is an organization that has showcased disability art across Canada for the past 15 years. The organization has now opened a dedicated space in the 401 Richmond building in Toronto that will allow audiences to interact with work by disabled artists. The space will also enable disabled patrons to enjoy art in a comfortable and welcoming setting and participate in workshops on artmaking, curatorial practices and funding specifically geared for disabled creators.

The gallery’s opening exhibition by artist Persimmon Blackbridge is titled Constructed Identities, collecting small sculptures made of wood, metal and other found objects that address concepts of disability, race and gender as they relate to bodies. At the gallery’s opening exhibition late last month, I glimpsed Barbie doll heads and other figures with tiny bird wings. It’s a beautiful and moving show and it also features a sculpture that patrons can touch and manipulate; a thoughtful way of allowing visually-impaired art lovers to engage with the work.

TAG is open Tuesday to Friday, Suite 122, 401 Richmond Street West from 11am-6pm. Keep an eye out for a longer story featuring an interview with artistic director Eliza Chandler in the summer issue of Broken Pencil!