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It’s official, people: Broken Pencil can no longer receive mail. We knew it was coming, but rather than read the news I actually showed up to dear old Station P in the middle of downtown Toronto to scope out the situation. Five people stood outside, sandwiched in signs, and another CUPW sign hung over the front door handles. It looked pretty bleak, but just to be really, truly sure I tested the doors. Locked. No one yelled “Scab,” but I wouldn’t have been surprised at “IDIOT!”

Until the strike is resolved, we’re going to ask everyone, for the first and only time, to deal with Broken Pencil as electronically as possible. Zinesters send us links to your e-zines or blogs at editor [at] Publishers send in your fall books catalogues and PDFs of books to assisteditor [at] Indie people on the internet, sigh, just keep doing what you’re doing.